Shore Acres State Park

Live Camera


Thanks for visiting our web site.  The picture on the left is a snapshot taken by our live Web Cam west of Shore Acres Gardens. The web camera pans from left to right taking snapshots and sending them to our web server where they are transferred to the web site. The buildings are the Information & Gift Center, the Garden House and the Pavilion.  A southeast view shows the lily pond. Due to the limitations of our satellite access, we cannot post streaming video.  However, you do see the most current conditions at the gardens as each new snapshot replaces the previous one. If you are looking at night, the box will be black until holiday lights time. The camera takes a snapshot about once a minute. To get another view, click your “refresh” function. If you get a small box with an x, try again. Sometimes it takes several clicks to see the change.  The technology is not perfect, but it is one way to give you a unique view of the gardens and the weather.  NOTE: At times we experience technical difficulties, so if you can’t get the picture, please visit another time.  If you want a surf report, click on Links (top of home page) and click on Coos Bay Surf Report and Forecast.

NO DOGS OR OTHER ANIMALS ALLOWED OUTSIDE VEHICLES   |  EXCEPTION: SERVICE ANIMALS  | 541-888-3732  |  SOME WHEELCHAIRS AVAILABLE   |  PER VEHICLE PARKING FEE – $5.00 (or current OPRD Annual Parking Permit, or Coastal Passport, or current Campground Receipt)   |  Current Park Hours: 8am – 5pm

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