Holiday Lights

30th annual Holiday Lights at Shore Acres – Nov. 24 thru Dec. 31, 2016

“a community tradition” – at least 325,000 lights (almost all L.E.D.)

Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Eve – 4:00 – 9:30 PM every night (including Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Walk-thru Display – All abilities accessible. Open Garden House with hot cider, punch, coffee and cookies!



Ultimate Bed & Breakfast Raffle

Information & Gift Center Open every night!

During the 2015 season, an estimated 49,228 visitors views the the lights display and enjoyed the refreshments in the beautifully decorated Garden House and the intertainment in the Performance Pavilion.


A community event sponsored by Friends of Shore Acres, Inc. in partnership with Shore Acres State Park, Coos Bay, Oregon

The brightest and most beautiful place on the West Coast shines as brightly as ever this season.

Plenty of Parking;  Parking fee: $5 per vehicle or current OPRD Annual Parking Pass or Coastal Passport or current OPRD Campground Receipt or current Special Access Pass. No additional charge for lights viewing.

Lights Sculptures: Pelicans, Puffins, Jellyfish, Shore Acres’ Cranes, Life-size leaping Orca whale, Life-size spouting Gray whale, Tulips, Rhododendron, Rose, Dahlia, Dungeness crab, Sea Star, Sea Urchin, Sea Anemone, Sea horse, Octopus, Kelp, Frogs, Butterflies, Dragonfly, playful Sea Lions, Leaping Frog in pond, Ship, Fuchsia flower and animated Hummingbird, Koi carp, Lighthouse, animated Bumble Bee, Raccoon, Deer and Rabbit, Shasta Daisies and Ladybug and more!

For more information, contact: Shore Acres State Park – (541) 888-3732; Co-Chair – Shirley & David Bridgham (541) 756-5401,

A community tradition was born in 1987 when the Friends of Shore Acres decided to “string a few lights” to help celebrate the holidays. That first season, 6,000 miniature lights, one Christmas tree, and the decorated Garden House drew 9,000 visitors.

Now, at least 325,000 lights (mostly LED), 30 large landscape lights, dozens of small landscape lights, 30 large holiday trees, dozens of lighted sculptures, entertainment in the pavilion, and a beautifully decorated Garden House draw 40,000 to 50,000+ visitors or more each season. Numbers vary with the weather. Inside the Garden House, scrolls of names are a tribute to business supporters and the more than 1,500 volunteers who make it happen.


New in 2001: Motion sea lions and additions to the undersea garden.
New for 2002: Pavilion for musical and vocal presentations.
New for 2003: New entry and deck and a new Information and Gift Center greet you as you enter the Gardens. Both the entry and IGC reflect the original designs of the early Simpson era. Animated leaping frog in pond.
New for 2004: New spout on life-size gray whale, 2 giant butterflies, 2 large mushrooms, specially designed and handcrafted cluster flowers
New for 2005: New puffin sculptures, brilliant LED lights on all large Christmas trees, more large landscape lights on west perimeter huge trees
New for 2006: More LED lights.
New for 2007: More LED lights including L.E.D. rope lighting on the 45′ whale sculpture.
New for 2008: More LED lights and surprises!
New for 2009: More LED lights and large holiday trees at entrance
New for 2010: More LED lights and new ship sculpture “Western Shore”
New for 2011: More than 300,000 LED lights and new sculpture Fuchsia Flower and Animated Hummingbird
New for 2012: At least 300,000 LED lights and new sculpture Koi Carp underwater in the pond
New for 2013: At least 300,000 LED lights and 2 new sculpture displays: Lighthouse and Animated Bumble Bee
New for 2014: At least 300,000 LED lights and 2 new sculpture displays: Raccoon, Deer and Rabbit; Shasta Daisies and Ladybug
New for 2015: 325,000 LED lights and sculptures TBA